It’s A New Year

I’ve never been much into keeping new year’s resolution or i’ve never been big into the whole New Year, New Me thing. But this year is different. Safe to say that 2019 was categorically the worst year of my life, for example, I made absolute shite out of my leg, still not fit to goContinue reading “It’s A New Year”

Music Makes Me Happy

Thing’s Change but Music will always be deadly. My last blog post my about My Mental Health was well received by my friends and family. It was a serious one, not that I want all my blog posts to be super serious but the whole point in having a blog is to have a placeContinue reading “Music Makes Me Happy”

My Mental Health

Mental Health is mental isn’t it? It’s something I have been very vocal about on my social media. Everyone has had their own struggles and experiences with mental health problems. The Lord Jaysus above in the sky sure as hell knows I’ve had mine! Mental health problems have followed me round for most of myContinue reading “My Mental Health”