Hi it’s me, Shauna! I’m a 25 year old living life the best I know how.. Ihave Blue hair, I Live with my Crazy mother and brother and i love every minute of it. I also am a dog mom to two sweet fat babs named Sammy and Bo.

Welcome to my blog, it’s about everything and anything that pops into my mind!

Enjoy, Love Shauna xoxo

What People Say About Shauna

“I have no idea who this Shauna Convery is, Please do not contact me again”


“Shauna has made everything in my life interesting, Life would be boring without her!”

Becka Morgan

“Shauna go out and get coal for the fire please”

Evelyn Convery (mother)

“Shauna has a big heart and tries to see the good in everything!”

Grace Fitzpatrick

Gimme ideas on what I can talk about.

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