Absolute Notions

I have them, you have them, we all have notions.

As I logged on today I saw that today is my 6 year anniversary of being an aspiring blogger. Now don’t get me wrong I have not been writing for all of those 6 years but the notion has been with me for a lot longer than 6 years, the notion to make other people laugh and smile.

The word ‘notion’ is not an exclusively Irish word but I reckon it’s a word that Irish people use more often than others. We all know that the word notion means to have an idea, belief or thought about something. I myself am someone who has many notions about herself and I use to think this was a bad thing, something to be ashamed of, it meant you were full of yourself and people would be talking about you saying; “Jaysus, yer wan Shauna has absolute notions about herself”.

6 years ago I would have died if I thought someone had said this about me. Why you ask, because I cared too much about what people thought of me. I put too much weight on how people perceived me, I used to look at people on the streets and people online and think that they were constantly judging me. I know now my friends, that this is most definitely not the case.

As many wise people have said; “nobody gives a f*ck about you”.

This might seem like a horrible thing to say because it’s nice to be cared about but in the grand scheme of things, people have enough stuff in their own lives to worry about, they don’t care about someone like me, a stranger on the street.

What a breath of fresh air when I realized this was true.

So what I’m trying to say is; stop caring about what other people think of you because in all likelihoods, they don’t. Take the time to learn about yourself and who you are, what you want out of life and then go for it. Don’t put time and effort into worrying about what other people think of you, you’re not a mind reader so stop trying. Be whoever the hell you want to be as long as you’re not hurting anyone else and you’ll be a lot happier. Trust me.

All the hard things you’ve overcome in your life and you’re worried about what other people thing of you? Wise up, be yourself and don’t apologize for it!

Love Shauna xoxo

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Published by Shauna Convery

26 year old child and master's student just trying to make sense of it all while sharing my thoughts in the form of blog

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