Truer words have never been spoken!

“A friend is like a fart, They smell but it’s OK because they are funny”- Shauna Convery; Lanesboro 2020

I know everyone says this but I 110% for definite have the best friends in the world.

As you all know I have made the huge leap of moving to the Netherlands on my own! Am I crazy? Probably. But sure look it’s too late, I’m here now!

The past few weeks the eventuality that i would be leaving was looming over my head, something I did not realize that my leaving would also be looming over other peoples heads!

I did not expect this and I was pleasantly suprised if not moved by the fact that people did not want me to go as much as they did want to see me go and to embark on a new adventure.

I’m 25, I get it friends come and go, But the friends I have right now are all I’ll ever need and more. Don’t get me wrong i’m always open to making new friends but I know now that they are all behind me cheering me on!

The people who are my friends already know who they are, they need no mention.

Last weekend I decided to have a BBQ as my leaving party. It was overly planned and I kind of just decided it a few weeks before. I invited as little people as I could without leaving anyone too important out because of COVID and all that jazz. . but to my absolute shock and delight a lot more people than I ever expected turned up. They came with cards presents, money and nothing but kind words of encouragement and inspiration.

People I hadn’t seen in months, people I didn’t even think liked me that much and total strangers have been messaging me, texting me and ringing me to say best of luck and that they hope I have an amazing time.

It truly is appreciated and I know I will do you all proud!

Here’s to new adventure, to old friends and new. Thank You!

Love Shauna xoxo

I took all of my cards with me so iIknow I’m never alone!

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Published by Shauna Convery

26 year old child and master's student just trying to make sense of it all while sharing my thoughts in the form of blog

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